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Schema Therapy is rapidly becoming one of the most widely used treatments for personality disorders.
In Schema Therapy, the therapist works with different emotional states, known as “schema modes,” to heal the patient’s early wounds, modify self-defeating patterns, and achieve healthy integration.

This DVD series shows how 4 experienced Schema Therapists (Remco van der Wijngaart, David Bernstein, Marjon Nadort and Wiesette Krol) work with schema modes in 4 patients with different personality disorders: Borderline Personality Disorder with Antisocial traits; Narcissistic PD with Paranoid traits; Obsessive Compulsive PD with Avoidant traits; and Dependent PD.

The DVDs illustrate various schema modes in these patients, and show how the therapists use some of the most important Schema Therapy interventions, such as limited reparenting, empathic confrontation, guided imagery, and role playing, to work with them.